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Protect your domain with NFT!

Purchase an NFT certificate for your domain name. Leave your digital footprint in history using blockchain technology.


Quick domain transfer between registrars

Confirms the right to the domain name with no need for reapplying to the Registrar

Domain name protection from fraud

Confirms the right to the domain name when transferring the domain to a new owner

When registering a domain name prior to registering a trademark, the NFT certificate confirms the priority of the domain name with its information stored in the blockchain

Confirms the right to the domain name while taking registration priority disputes into consideration

Purchase an NFT certificate for your domain

An NFT certificate for domain names is a digital certificate issued for the entire duration of the domain, which is used to protect the domain name from fraud. This certificate guarantees the domain owner their exclusive right to possess the domain for the duration of the domain name registration. The NFT certificate for domain names works by creating a digital fingerprint on the blockchain network, which links the domain name and its owner. This allows for establishing the identity of the domain name owner and guaranteeing their exclusive right to use the name.

CCTLD.UZ Mobile App

If you are a domain name owner in the .UZ zone and have received your NFT certificate, don't forget to download the mobile app for convenient viewing and management of your certificates. With the mobile app, you can quickly check your certificates, find out their status, and update them with the Registrar if necessary.

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Check the availability of a certificate for your domain

Growth of the domains number with NFT certificates in the .UZ zone